‚ÄčLands & Resources Department

"To know the land, you must walk the land"

The Lands & Resources Department involves several different components. The personnel working within the department reports directly to the Director of Community Operations. The following is a list of some of the projects that the Lands & Resources department has been involved in.

Land Based Activities

Traditional Knowledge Study

A process in which Band members are consulted who have a knowledge of our traditional land use cultural activities and way of life. We have a deep history within the Treaty #3 area. At the present time, the study is ongoing with traditional sites being mapped and any stories that are related are being recorded.

Land Use Planning

At the present time a planning exercise is being undertaken to determine what we are currently doing with our land space. This ties in with the historical Traditional Knowledge study undertaken by the Lands and Resources team. We must know our own history in order to move forward. Once the knowledge of the present is known; we can move into a future Land Use planning exercise. The future will be where and what we are to do as a community, what we want to see happening with our land.   What type of economic development is sustainable for the type of community we want to be.

Historical Research

There has been some research done into the history of the community along with the people within this geographic area. Work in this area is ongoing.


We are in close contact with the surrounding Mining Companies to establish proper communication protocols and how we can work together to further the First Nation's interests. We are also working with the Chiefs Secretariat; Mineral Development Advisor to ensure that our rights as a First Nation aren't being infringed upon by mining development.

Cabin Policy

We have a limited amount of shoreline and a draft policy is in place to effectively manage what is currently available. There is only a limited amount of space that is available and we all must come to an understanding that a policy must be developed to protect it.

Community Cleanup

Spring In an effort to keep our community clean; a Community Clean-up Day is organized. Band members are encouraged to bring their garbage to the curb and have it brought to the dump for disposal. Volunteers are also required to go out and actively pick up garbage throughout the community. Volunteers are briefed beforehand on safety issues.

Youth Camping Trip

For a period of 2 nights and 3 days, a group of youth has been going out and experiencing the outdoors by way of a camping trip. Elders also attend for cultural teachings. The age group is 13-20. This will be the third year of our camping trip. The Lands & Resources department partners up with the Treatment & Support Team and Recreation Department for supplies. Community members with boats take the group out to the camping area and drop them off. They are then on their own until pickup. It’s a lot of fun.

Nature Trail

The Lands & Resources department has partnered with the Ministry Of Natural Resources in the development of a Nature trail. A trail has been pre-marked with flagging tape. The MNR through a training program has helped in the trail-clearing, brush cutting portion of the trail. Once completed, the trail will have a continuous walking/jogging/cross country skiing area of about 16 kilometers of trail to use. Elders will be brought in to discuss the traditional plants and medicines that can be used along the trail. It's going be a cultural wonder.

For More Information on these activities and if you want to become involved, contact the following:

Allan Yerxa
Lands & Resources Coordinator
Couchiching First Nation
Work: 1-807-274-9013 ext. 202 
Fax: 1-807-274-4671
Cell: 1-807-276-2425
Email: Allan Yerxa


Lands & Resources Coordinator

Allan Yerxa
Ph: (807) 274-9013 ext. 202