Couchiching Bingo Palace!

The Couchiching First Nation Chief and Council, Community Member, the Bingo Palace Management and Staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Couchiching Bingo Palace and we hope you enjoy yourself in our facilities.

Be sure to check out the daily for progressive jackpot numbers and updates on Monster Bingo 

COUCHICHING BINGO PALACE is closed for two weeks starting Monday March 16, 2020

The monster bingo scheduled for March 28, 2020 will be postponed until April 2020

Couchiching Bingo Palace March 2020 Promotionals 

  • Sunday - 100% Bonus pot payout night 
  • Monday - Bonnanza Kickerball pays out 100% of sales
  • Tuesday- Palace Special pays out 100% of sales
  • Wednesday- Double Action pays out 100% of sales
  • Thursday-Lucky #7 pays out 100% of sales
  • Saturday March 28th, 2020      MONSTER BINGO

 The Bonus pots for MOnday March 16th, 2020

  • Toonie Pot is paying $123.00 plus 75% of tonights sales
  • Lucky #7 is paying $5,500.00 on 21#s or less
  • Palace Special is paying $200.00 10#s or less
  • G-Ball bonus is paying $200.00
  • Double Action is paying $4,800.00 on 37#s or less
  • Pot of Gold is paying $2,000.00 on 50#'s or less
  • Bonanza Kickerball is paying $1,500.00
  • Big Bucks is paying $4,773.00 plus 75% of sales
  • Shooniyah Pot is paying $450.00 plus 100% of sales.

Couchiching Bingo Palace

House Rules

1. This facility is governed under the authority of the Couchiching First Nation Band council.

2. No children under the age of 16yrs is permitted in the Bingo Palace. No Person under the age of 18yrs is permitted to play bingo.

3. Each person must purchase a regular admission package in order to play any regular scheduled game. Each person must be present to purchase the Toonie Pot ticket.

4. Admission packages must be purchased prior to the intermission, all card sales are FINAL.

5. Admission packages may not be spilt or shared, and must play with  dabber only.

6. It is the player's sole responsibility to holler bingo loud enough for the caller to hear you so that we can stop the game and you will not miss your bingo.

7. Once the game has been closed off by the caller, no other bingo will be accepted and the caller shall carry on with the next game.

8. Electronic and magnetic boards are provided as a courtesy only. Verification of a winning bingo is determined by the actual numbers called. No number shall be valid until called.

9. Management and staff are not responsible for any lost cards or other personal items.

10. At any given time a player is allowed to approach the caller's stand to verify the game boards.

11. Toonie Pot, Bonanza Kicker Ball, Palace Special, G-Ball and Big Bucks numbers must be present in order to claim any of these bonus pot prizes. G-Ball & Pot of Gold card must be present to claim G-Ball jackpot.

12. Due to Auditing requirements the Bingo Palace requires the winning card from all Jackpot/Progressive games intact. Without this card intact the Bingo Palace cannot issue payment, so we ask please do not glue your cards to the table.

13. No outside food or beverages are permitted at the bingo palace.

14. Please do not hesitate to notify management if the caller is calling too fast.

15. In Case of any discrepancy, it is the decision of the facility management that in FINAL.

16. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person for any reason.

Couchiching First Nation hopes you enjoy your evening with us. If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to notify one of our staff and they will be most happy to assist you. C.F.N. Bingo Palace is open 7 days a week with bingo's beginning at 6:30pm each evening.

Palace Promotions 

1. Other Promotional Offers

  • The Couchiching Bingo Palace offers other on-going promotions including; draws for free booklets & cards, cash vouchers and bingo supplies.
  • Player's can redeem their voucher by taking it to the Cashier's Window.
  • Promotional offers happen at any time and take place on holiday's e.g. Easter, Christmas or on the Bingo Palace's Anniversary Date.

Bonus Pot Information and Rules

Toonie Pot

  • Toonie Pot Ticket's are $2.00, at the Toonie Pot Counter
  • Player's cannot call the Bingo Hall to have a Toonie Pot held
  • A Tonnie Pot Ticket must be purchased prior to end of the Early Bird game being closed
  • The Toonie Pot is a progressive pot that continuously builds until won
  • During the Early Session the Toonie Pot is valid for games #7 to #17 & #25 to #34
  • Only one ticket must be purchased and you only win once on the ticket

Lucky #7

  • Lucky #7's are $2.00 per strip and can only be purchased from the Floor Runners
  • The Lucky #7 is a progressive game which accumulates at $100 per session
  • The game begins at 16 numbers and progresses 1 number at every $1,000 until it reaches 25 numbers
  • When the game is not won on or before a designated number the game is than played for 60% of the evening sales
  • The Pot will remain at 25 numbers until won
  • After the main Lucky #7 progressive pot is won, a consolation game is played

Pot of Gold

  • The Pot of Gold Game can be purchased for $2 per strip from the floor runners
  • The Pot of Gold game is a progressive game which starts at 50 #'s and increases one # per session until won
  • The Pot of Gold has a $2000 pay out if won on 50 #'s or less of prior to the designated number for the session
  • During the Early Session, a $400 consolation game is played when the game goes beyond the designated #

Bonanza Kicker Ball

  • Bonanza Cards can be purchased from the Floor Runners for a $1 for a 2 card strip
  • The Kicker Ball Pot is a progressive game and accumulates $100 per session
  • The first 48#'s are called, the 49th # called is the Kicker Ball for the session and the ball is returned to the machine
  • When bingo is called on the designated Kicker Ball #, the main prize is won
  • After the main Bonanza Kicker Ball progressive pot is won, a consolation game is played.

Big Bucks

  • The Big Bucks is a progressive pot that accumulates 75% per session
  • It is only played on the 1st Full Card Jackpot Game
  • Prior to the Jackpot Game, the first B, I and G are drawn from machine and become the Big Bucks #'s for the session, once drawn they are returned to the machine
  • The Big Bucks Bonus Pot is won when Bingo is called on one of the numbers drawn

Double Action

  • Double Action cards are $2 per strip
  • The Double Action Special starts at 36 numbers and increases 1 number each month, the bonus pot starts at $1,000.00 and each night $100 is added to the pot.
  • When the game is not won on the designated number the game will go on and the consolation will be paid out at 60% of sales


  • Progressive Pot Amounts are posted behind the caller
  • Player's are welcome to review the record of the bonus pots that are kept in a red binder at the Tonnie Pot Sales Table
  • The Couchiching Bingo Palace holds Mini-Monster Bingo's and they are

Shooniyaa Pot 

  • Shooniyaa Pot sales are $5 each
  • The Shooniyaa Pot Number is drawn once and does not change until the bonus pot is won.
  • When the game is won on the designated number the game will pay out 100% of sales
  • the Shooniyaa Pot number is not valid on any of the Special Games.
  • Only one Shooniyaa ticket must purchased and you win once on the ticket

Evening Bingo Program

Open 7 days a Week Starting at 6:30 p.m.

Early Bird Game
6. B.N.O. Yellow %50

Toonie Pot Played #7 through #17 & 25 through #34

Regular games
7. 1 line Light Blue $25
 8. 2 lines Light Blue $50
 9. Letter Y Light Blue $75
 10. 1 Line Orange $25
 11. 2 lines Orange $50

12. Inside Square Orange $75
 13. One Line $25
 14. Two Lines $75

15. 2 stamps Lime $25
 16. 3 stamps Lime $50
 17. 4 stamps Lime $75

1st Special-Speedo #1
18. Full Card Blue 60%

2nd Special-Lucky #7
19. Lucky #7 Red 60%
 If won on designated # or less, Consolation or 2nd #7 pays 60%


3rd Special
20. Double Action 50%

4th Special-Palace (Odd/Even)
21. Full Card Pink Bonus
 If won on designated # or less consolation or 2nd full card pay 60

5th Special Pot of Gold (G-Ball)
22. 1 line Orange $50
 23. 2 lines Orange $50
 24. Full Card Orange $2000
If won on designated # or less Consolation page $400
First G called is your G-Ball Number

Regular Games
25. 1 line Yellow $25
 26. 2 lines Yellow $50
 27. Block of Nine Yellow $75

28. 1 line Navy $25
 29. 2 lines Navy $50
 30. Letter X Navy $75

31. 1 line Olive $25
 32. 2 line Olive $50
 33. Roving T Olive $75

34. 2 Lines $100

7th Special-Bonanza

36. Full Card Purple Bonus
 If won on your Bonanza Kicker Ball consolation or 2nd full card pays 60%

Jackpot Game
37. 1 line Green $50
 38. 2 lines Green $100
 39. Full Card Green $1000
 Plus Big Bucks bonus if won on any 3 Big Bucks #'s

Palace Canteen Menu


The Bingo Palace Canteen is Managed by

WASAW Food Services and is open

from 5:00 to 8:30 each night

Palace Schedule

Open 7 Days a Week
Doors Open 5:00 pm

Early Birds start at 6:30

General Manager: 

Sandra Windego

(807) 274-0818

(807) 271-1700

320 Harry's Road

Bingo Palace History

On Friday, June 28, 1996, The Couchiching Bingo Palace formally opened it's door for business. During its years of operation the Couchiching First Nation Chief and Council, the Community Members, and the Bingo Palace Management and Staff have developed a great sense of pride in achieving a successful business as a First Nation Community.


Suggestions, Concerns and / or Complaints Procedures

The Palace Management is aware at times questions and concerns do arise and welcomes any suggestions, concerns or complaints you may have. They can be addressed as follows:

  • Speaking directly to Bingo Hall Management
  • Speaking to staff who will advise the manager on duty
  • Write them down and put them in the Green Suggestion Box
  • Patrons are also welcome to address their concerns in writing to the Bingo Palace General Manager

The Palace Management will do their utmost best to address any suggestions, concerns or complaints you may have as a bingo player.