Couchiching Child Care Centre

Our mission is to nurture and care for children; Through utilizing teachings that reflect Pride, Dignity, Individuality and Growth of Anishinawbe people.

Program Statement

Program Statement of Couchiching Child Care Centre

Couchiching Child Care Centre follows “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy of the Early Years (2014)” as a guiding document under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.

We strive to be organized around the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression in children where the goals and expectations integrate the six guiding principles of ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today). Some of the other Ministry documents Couchiching Child Care Centre refers to and implements in its programming are: Ontario Early Years Framework, Think Feel Act: Lessons from Research about Young Children.

Our belief at Couchiching Child Care Centre is that our children are gifts from the Creator, therefore entrusting us with the responsibility of guiding and nurturing the overall well-being of our future leaders. At Couchiching Child Care Centre we believe that the children are competent and capable individuals. We do acknowledge that positive experiences in a child’s early childhood will set the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior, health and well-being. With this in mind, we are focused on a rich environment to create optimal experiences for the children.

At Couchiching Child Care Centre we will provide a safe, secure, friendly and healthy environment whereby each child’s individuality will be respected and enhanced.

We will investigate, observe and document the needs of our children as childcare providers while paying attention to what a child interests are and what will fully engage the child to enhance personal experiences. We will provide nutritious options and model healthy eating along with healthy personal hygiene. We will give children opportunity to help prepare and serve meals at the Centre to promote nutritional options and creating a sense of belonging.

At the Centre we will also bring in health educators from local organizations (eg. NW Health Unit–Dental Screening, CHR, Nurse).

At Couchiching Child Care Centre children are encouraged to try new things, challenging activities, exploring the environment during their regular routines. We do provide flexibility within the program to meet the needs of all the children and allow them to take the lead as a true leader.

During our day we will provide experiences for the children that will enhance their natural curiosity to enable them to develop a sense of self. At the Centre we will provide open-ended materials to encourage exploration along with open-ended questions to encourage them to explore their world.

Through observations the program staff will give the opportunity to support the children in experiences that will encourage the children to explore their natural surrounding. Children will be encouraged to express their thoughts while the program staff provides documentations for children, family and community.

At Couchiching Child Care Centre we focus on our traditional Ojibway culture to the best of our knowledge. We understand the importance of the identity within our heritage and the importance of improving our cultural beliefs as a community.

We will bring in elders and helpers to enhance our understanding and to create traditional experiences for our children and families. We will participate in spring ceremonies, gift families with medicines (tobacco ties), community powwows, and visits to the Sr. home in our community. We will bring in some language teachers as a foundation to our learning to support the children’s experiences. We will bring in volunteers to assist us with crafts and creating traditional foods during harvesting for families to enjoy indoors and outdoors.

At Couchiching Child Care Centre we will offer support and guidance with our resource teacher in which children will learn self -regulation. Our goal is to work in partnership with families to ensure the children have imperative experiences in their early years to contribute to our future leaders in the community.

We will provide activities that will encourage exploration that gives opportunities to interact with peers in a positive way. Children will be guided with tools for self-regulating and discipline in our environments to ensure they have acceptable strategies to learn through play. Parents will have positive experiences through daily interactions with program staff, resource teacher and supervisor during their experiences with the Centre. Resources will be available for families and a place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Parents will be encouraged to share experiences and issues they have with staff on a regular basis to ensure they are comfortable in the Centre that they share with us to provide optimal care for each child.

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Couchiching Child Care Supervisor:
 Wanda McCabe

 Phone: (807) 274-0456
 Fax: (807) 274-1441

Hours of Operation

7:45AM - 4:45PM