Employment Opportunities


More job postings, tenders and employment opportunities will be posted soon. Here are some of the postings available at Couchiching First Nation and advertised in our community newsletter.

Job Descriptions


Our Personnel Policy states that 

Couchiching First Nation Personnel Policy is founded on a philosophy of community development. We believe that the development of Couchiching First Nation depends on the development within our own community of programs and services designed to meet the needs of our community members. We believe that the needs of our people can best be identified and addressed by members of our own community. To that end, Couchiching First Nation actively seeks to employ qualified members of the First Nation whenever possible, and seeks to provide opportunities for professional training, development and advancement with the organization. New positions and vacancies in existing position may be advertised with the organization to offer Couchiching First Nation employees the first opportunity to compete for them. Positions may be advertised second in the community at large to offer members of the First Nation the opportunity to compete. Positions will be advertised outside the community only if Couchiching First Nation is unable to fill the position with qualified employees or members of the First Nation.