Gord Bruyere                                                                                 

In 2014, Gord Bruyere published his first book of poetry, Prayer Songs.
One verse in the poem Invocation will give you insight into who Gord is – artist, poet, a seeker, gentle friend, teacher, Anishinabe.

I wait by great waters emptying east.
I wait to make an offering, a spirit feast.
I wait while our fathers stand behind me.
I wait with the living who soon will know.

Gord is the son of Mildred (Henderson) and the late Gordie Bruyere. Gord was raised on Couchiching with his siblings Dawn, Lisa and Scott. Like so many of us who grew up on Couchiching, one of Gord’s fondest memories are of swimming with his sisters, brother and numerous cousins in Rainy Lake. Gord can close his eyes and travel back to the little beach in front of his folks’ house and remember how fun it was to swim for hours. Back then he was a pretty styling guy… check out that suit!

Gord’s passions are no secret – reading, writing, history, social justice. While his university education is an accomplishment we can all be proud of, his teachings come from life – both past and present. He’s most proud of his ability to share Anishinabe culture through creative outlets, such as writing, teaching and sharing through publications in various journals.

Gord’s been known to move around, from southern Ontario to the west coast - he currently resides in Winnipeg, MB with his partner Marianne who Gord describes as a “gentle, kind, loving soul who makes my life more fun, more full of wonder, better.” Thanks Gord…we’re proud to say the same about you.

Keep an eye out for Gord as he seems to be everywhere, including McNally Robinson bookstore in Winnipeg or visiting his mom back home.

We’re proud to say that Gord is from Couchiching!


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