Couchiching First Nation Chief and Council has reconfigured the organizational chart for community services in a manner that will hopefully capture more opportunity.   

a)  Band Operations (overseen by Chief and Council with "one employee" being the Executive Director)

b) Wasaw Enterprises (overseen by a Board of Directors)
Chief Operating Officer, Wasaw Enterprise, Ron ("Magoo") Archie (who is a Councillor/Advocate for the Environment and Future Generations)
Chief Administrator Officer, Wasaw Project, TBD

The Connection from the political level is the Councillor/Advocate for Enterprise.  He/She sits with the Board as an ex officio Board member. The Board of Directors are otherwise arm's length from the Chief and Council and their own personnel policy, finance policy and procedures.

The Economic Development Officer is a member of the Band Operations staff. However, she works closely with Wasaw Staff. Currently the Economic Development Officer is an Elected Official who holds the role as Councillor/Advocate for Policy Development and Reform, she assists the Wasaw Board as a technician to the Board.

http://www.wasaw.ca  Check out the Website for More Information.

20 year Community Plan

A twenty year community plan is being developed through a multi-pronged planning process involving the community, Chief and Council, various corporate boards and special meetings of Elders, youth and students.



Chief and Council have invested in a Championship 18 Hole Golf Course called Heron Landing.  This Golf Course is governed by a Board of Directors from Chief and Council, there are 3 Councillors who govern the operations.

There is a small business loans program of up to $10,000 from Couchiching First Nation.  The applications for this loan include a business plan.  Shooniyaa Wa Bitoong operates a self employment program, and the local contact is also our Economic Development Officer, Couchiching First Nation who can connect entrepreneurs with the Shooniyaa program officers.

Rainy Lake Tribal Finance also operates a small business loan program and works with entrepreneurs by giving them equity through participating in a training program that builds the individual's capacity to have a successful business (business planning, accounting, etc.).  The contact is at the Advisory Services offices at the Nanicost Building.

Economic Development and Training are both the mandate of our Economic Development Officer, Christine Jourdain.  She is very helpful and willing to work with local entrepreneurs and business to facilitate economic development within the community and by community members.


Christine Jourdain
Economic Development Officer
(807) 274-9013 ext. 205

Christine is a Couchiching First Nation Employee that works alongside the Wasaw Enterprises Staff at the Couchiching Bingo Palace offices.

Ms. Jourdain has been in this position since 1998. Most Couchiching email addresses end with @vianet.ca and Christine's email address is: ecdev@vianet.ca and she can be reached at the Wasaw Enterprise offices.