Child and Family Care Program

"The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves."

Principles of the Child and Family Care Program
The Couchiching Child and Family Care Program focuses on the family as a whole, assisting natural parents as well as social parents within the extended family to help themselves and each other to care for children as they have traditionally. Please visit our webpage. The Child and Family Care Program will respect the dignity and independence of adults and children.

Goals of the Community Care Program
The Couchiching Child and Family Care Program concentrates on children in need of care and protection and their families simultaneously. This dual focus stems from two principal goals set out in the Chiefs' policy of family support in community care:

Children: To assure the growth, support and development of all our children within their families, community
Families: To strengthen and maintain our families and through them, our community. 

Objectives of the Child and Family Care Program
There are two Principal Objectives of the Child and Family Care Program:

Child Care: To ensure the proper care and protection of our children to assure their growth, support and development within their families and community
Family Support: To provide support and assistance to our families to ensure their strength and maintenance, and through them our community.

Child Care Services
Sometimes stress in families gets to the breaking point. Normal patterns of family living break down, and children find themselves without the family support, guidance and protection they need. Sometimes the children are left alone. Sometimes the parents, while present, can no longer cope with the needs of their children. Sometimes a single parent just "burns out." Sometimes parents have to go away for treatment. In these cases, some substitute for the care and protection parents would normally provide to their children must be arranged, and the cause of the breakdown in family living must be addressed. For those families community care services are ready to step in.

Family Support Services
Families encounter distress when their income stops or when interpersonal conflict cannot be resolved or when the behaviour of a member can no longer be accommodated by others. There are a multitude of examples that are very familiar, and they occur in any family to some degree. Some families cope with stress independently. some need help from outside their household. For those families in distress where there is jeopardy to the normal care and protection of their children, community care services will support and assist.

Call For Foster Homes

Couchiching Child and Family Care Program is committed to keeping Our Children in Our Community 

We need your help to make this happen. Foster families provide an invaluable service to our community by caring for our children, who cannot, for a variety of reason, stay in their family homes. There are different types of Foster Homes, which can be specific to meet a child's needs:

Specialized Foster Homes, for children that require more care and attention.
Regular Foster Homes, short or long term placements for children
Emergency Foster Homes, for children on an emergency basis.

If you are willing to commit your time and abilities to the lives of our children in care, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding experience.


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Child In Care Worker:

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